ZeroOne Consulting

Who We Are

We Are an international Team of Executive IT Professionals

Our team members are all highly experienced in Information Technology and have worked for some of the biggest and most successful international financial companies over the last 15 years.


We follow and adapt our approach to our clients business culture and working practices to find the best solution.


Cards on the table! Our Project Monitoring Manager will keep you always in the loop.


We're building our Service together with you and we make it the way you want it.


We communicate directly, face to face and we answer all your questions at any time.

Why Choose us


We know exactly how important IT availability can be. We are always available for you!


Working within the investment banking and private equity industry over the past 15 years.


We've been able to create a network of Technology Leaders, Technology Experts and Hardware & Software Vendors, that our clients often benefit from.

What We Do

We do what we do best! Which is to help our very ambitious and demanding clients to improve their business efficiency and performance, through better IT infrastructure and technology. In addition to improving and developing individual digital business processes, we can help you find the right IT resources for your team.

Management Consulting

Our Management Consultant experts speak to senior management to understand your business and work culture. We get a better understanding of how teams work and what technologies, applications and processes are used. After a deep dive, and based on the feedback collected we develop a customized and complete IT strategy, incorporating process optimization concepts through technology and resource planning.


Digitization has spread across the entire economy, and we are all questioning traditional business models and processes. In the digital world, agile innovation management, collaborative and highly mobile organizations with lower overheads, can create business models and digital ecosystems that are determining winners nowadays. The experts for digitization at ZeroOne Consulting will accompany you on this journey.

IT Infrastructure & Support

The topic of infrastructure and support is always an important part of a company and plays a very important role. Especially when the question of in-sourcing or outsourcing of services and personnel arises. Working mobile and site independent also requires the right IT security strategy. We help you make the right decisions, provide you with the optimal solutions and identify the best IT resources to run your IT on a professional level.

Project Management

Many companies are becoming increasingly digital and are replacing their manual processes and workflows with digital and agile processes using innovative software solutions or rolling out new hardware. We can run your Projects!

IT Consulting

Certain tasks or projects require certain expertise. Whether it is the programming of an app or the development of a website or your own software solution, the migration to the cloud or classic consulting. We provide you with the right expertise.


Our experience over the past 15 years has shown that the most successful financial companies put a lot of value on the right people. Not only strong professional competence plays a major role, but also personality. We bring them to you!

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